Review of Ryan Deiss's 43 Split Tests v2.0
Fri, May 28, 2010 at 3:52 PM
Paul Cormier in Marketing, Split Tests

43 Split tests v2.0Ryan Deiss recently released an update to to his original information product "43 Split Tests", calling it 43 Split Tests v2.0 Updated for 2010. In it, Ryan reveals the results of many Split Tests that were performed and determined to increase the conversion rate of potential clients visiting your website or reading your emails and print ads.

I bought the original 43 Split Tests when it came out, and I must say, it was one of the better investments I've made in an information product. I also recently bought 43 Split Tests v2.0. Some of the tests have been updated, several new results have been added, and some have been dropped that no longer work in 2010.

Now, I'm not going to reveal the exact contents of his package, since that wouldn't be fair to Ryan, but I will give you my overall impression on whether this product is worth the $197 price.

What's a Split Test

A "Split Test", also known as an "A-B Test", is where you test different versions of ad copy or design to see which gets better results. Results are determined by recording how many users complete the desired action for each particular version.

For example, would more users click an orange "Buy Now" button, or a green one? Do more people actually buy the product if the button label says "Buy It Now", or "Submit Payment"?

In a simple split test, you can run your site for 1 week with an orange button, then 1 week with a green button and determine which is more effective based on the sales/registrations/donations/whatever for the week.

To eliminate other factors which might affect results from week to week, you could also set up the page to alternate button color from visitor to vistor and track which was displayed when the "action" was taken.

Why Do I Need to do Split Testing?

Simply put, some words, designs, colors, fonts, etc do a better job than others at convincing your potential client to take action.

The problem is that it's fairly time intensive to run these tests, especially when trying a lot of different combinations.

That's where Ryan's 43 Split Tests v2.0 comes in. He's already done the work, and you can simply buy the results!

What's particularly appealling is that the things he suggests to do are EASY! We're talking about things like:

I have to admit, some of his suggestions may be a little too gaudy depending on the nature of your business, but hey, I actually counted over 79 tips in the PDF presentation alone, so you have plenty to choose from.

What you get when buying 43 Split Tests v2.0

As you can tell so far, I'm pretty stoked on the content. For the purchase price of $197, you get:

The Bonus: Wholesale Traffic System a $997 value for free?

We've been indoctrinated by late-night TV ads with a "FREE BONUS OFFER" where the "Bonus" is really kinda lame once you think about it: "Get the free paring knife!"

This time, Ryan ain't kidding about the $997 value! The Wholesale Traffic System is actually a separate website with HOURS of extra presentations on so many topics:

I was expecting some kind of stale content, but this stuff is excellent, especially if you are just getting into Internet Marketing and Promotion. Most of the content was created in 2008 and 2009 so it is all still very relevant.

The Last Upsell: 30 Day Free Trial to the Total Access Club

As you check out when buying the 43 Split Tests v2.0, you'll be offered a 30 Day Free Trial to the Total Access Club. That's another website where you'll find many posts and articles related to Internet Marketing. I personally didn't find it that useful because I already possess a fair amount of knowledge in the field. However if Internet Marketing is new to you, then check it out. You can always cancel your subscription. (Cancelling my subscription was prompt and easy.)

The Recommendation

In my own experience, Ryan Deiss's 43 Split Tests v2.0 is totally worth the $197. The increased sales or donations you'll get from applying these techniques will pay for the product. You could even look at it  simply as the cost of "training" in Internet Marketing from the very best. With the Wholesale Traffic System Bonus thrown in, it's a no-brainer.

The Caveat

Yes, the link below is my Affiliate Link. However, if you've visited my sites, you'll see that I don't promote crap, even if I could make money off of it. This information, like the other tools I've introduced to you before, is rock-solid. So, click the link below to watch Ryan's presentation on 43 Split Tests v2.0 and decide for yourself.

Also, once you buy it, leave a comment below and tell us your impressions.

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43 Split Tests v2.0

Ryan Deiss's 43 Split Tests v2.0 Updated for 2010
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