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Hosting Facebook iFrame Canvas Pages on Cloudfront SOLVED

OK, I was working on my Driving Local Traffic project, which includes the hosting of Facebook mini-websites, and I wanted to make the whole thing work solely using Amazon Cloudfront with S3-sourced files, without having to host a proxy or having to buy an SSL certificate. Well, I've found the solution!

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Checking Facebook's HMAC-SHA256 Encode Signature Using ColdFusion

To properly integrate Facebook's Login For The Web to permit your web app users to authenticate themselves in your app using Facebook, I believe that if your app needs any modicum of security, you should also verify the signature on the "Signed Request". Sounds easy enough, Facebook even provides a PHP example. Here's my Coldfusion version.

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Website Outage? Hosting Problem or DNS Problem?

I'm sure you've already heard of DNS otherwise known as the Domain Name Service, but did you know that this service is just as important as your website hosting service to make sure your site remains available to your website visitors?

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Building a Future-Proof Website That Also Works With Older Browsers

Sometimes you just need to build a website from scratch. However, trying to get your HTML & CSS code to display correctly in the plethora of browsers in use today can be a nightmare. Thrown in the netbooks, mobile devices and tablets with touchscreens, and you'll think you'll be up all night pushing bits and pixels around. Fret not, here's a solution.

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JavaScript Function for Calculating Annual Percentage Rate (APR Formula)

In this post is the function I wrote to calculate APR based on some formulas I found. One of my requirements was that this formula needed to produce exactly the same result as the Excel RATE function that I frequently encountered while trying to find an APR function.

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